Terms & Condition


  1. 50% DP 50% EVENT DATE
  2. Email or Send to our Social Media Chanels copy of deposit for booking confirmation.
  3. Once the Contract was signed, or deposit was made, Cancellation of Reserved equipment/ quantity of specific equipment is not allowed. Client must still pay the total Project Rate even if client wants to reduce the number of equipment that will be used on the said event date.


  1. Staff Meals: Provide meals and drinks during setup and the event for staff. Alternatively, pay P150 per staff per meal. This applies to styling and rentals requiring our presence.
  2. Chair Usage: Do not use tape on chairs. If tape isn't removed when returning chairs, a P150 fee per chair will apply.
  3. Unit Movement: After setup, units can't be moved without us. Applies to setups requiring our presence.
  4. Venue Floors: If the venue isn't on the ground floor with a working elevator, add P600 per floor as labor fee.
  5. Pickup and Deposit: Coordinate return times, weekends, and nights for deposit refunds within 3-7 workdays. No proper coordination might delay refund.
  6. Setup Not Included: Rentals don't include setup unless agreed upon separately.
  7. Billing and Start: Billing starts as scheduled, even if the event begins late.
  8. Cancellation: Cancelled reserved units incur 100% rental cost charge.
  9. Non-Usage Claims: No claims for non-usage due to weather, cancellation, backup use, etc. Full payment required.
  10. Damage and Missing Items: Charges for damages, scratches, and missing items will apply.
  11. Unforeseen Events: We're not liable for unforeseen events beyond our control.
  12. Unauthorized Equipment: Our staff can't use equipment not owned by
  13. Dismantling Setup: Allow dismantling after agreed coverage time. Extensions will be charged.
  14. Meetings/Ocular Visits: For meetings/visits, add P1,000 gasoline and TF charge per meeting, venue (Manila area only). Provide food.
  15. Tax: Requesting an official receipt adds 12% to the total.